Thanks for an exciting OryCon!

Thanks to all who attended the Building Your Protagonist panel yesterday or just contributed to the general lovely feeling of con spirit all over the hotel. It's been quite a while since I've been to a con, and it was delightful to be out and among again. The last time I paneled at OryCon, I innocently took on something like six panels, including two which were late-night, back-to-back, and had longer timeslots. I later learned that even seasoned vets don't tend to go in for that (and I learned that very night that I definitely don't go in for that).

Although I was only on one panel this year, there was something nice about being able to take in more of the general scene, and to concentrate more fully on just one topic. Considering that I hadn't anticipated something like building a protagonist could turn into an extremely spirited and at times contentious panel, that was especially useful!

I particularly appreciated the folks at the help desk who seemed to find it a genuine pleasure to answer questions they surely had answered many times before, as well as a whole cadre of Registration volunteers who went above and beyond to help me out with an issue I really should have worked out with organizers days before. And the folks who came up to me after the panel meant a great deal. If you enjoy a panelist, do tell them. It will make well more than their day.

I hope to post a bit of video from the panel, though we're having some entertaining technical difficulties with that. In the meantime, I'll be posting more on Method writing shortly, and hopefully the Instagram feed thingy on the left will continue to feed you things like my cat photos in the meantime.