Method Writing: tell me where to start!

I've been agonizing over how to start the meat of this series on Method writing. I tried to make a neat outline of how it starts at A and then B happens and C is a fun step, and even though it usually follow a generally predictable pattern, I kept wanting to define terms and make asides and other things that kind of defeat the purpose of making a nice neat outline.

Part of me is afraid to dive in without offering a huge amount of background on the sociopolitical culture-centric fandom-origin non-appropriating totally sane way that Method writing works, just in case you think I'm nuts. Then again, if you think I'm nuts, at least that's a place to start...

So, okay, you choose. Here are a few places to start that are sure to inspire additional asides and explanations. Pick one and let me know in the comments, or let me know on Twitter at @kalcobalt. One warning: Once you get me started, no guarantees I'll be in any way succinct...

Pick a number. (You can pick more than one. I'll tally them all.)
1. How Method writing impacts my consumption of pornography.
2. What the moment is like when a character becomes someone I'll interact with in a Method fashion.
3. How Method all began for me.
4. How Method and my pseudo-obsessive pattern recognition fit together.

No deadline, but probably only a day or two, so throw some numbers at me ASAP. Just get me started, please. It's scary to talk about this stuff publicly. I have a lot to say, but it's so hard to just let it all out.  I need your help to get this conversation moving.