Life is hard.

Here we go: it's me again, on yet another website/blogging platform, trying to start fresh. I've been slowly admitting to myself that I can't do it all -- can't hand-code a website from the ground up, can't keep holding down two jobs while navigating chronic illness, can't just cut sleep out of my schedule to make room for everything else. 

It actually feels kind of good. Admitting limitations cuts the guilt down at its knees. That's the important thing here: I always wanted to keep my site up, but was crushed by guilt every time I thought about it. 

No more! I have accepted the need for a hosting service and am even having -- dare I say it? -- fun setting up the new virtual digs.

I expect to blather on a lot more here now. Many cool things are in the works that I hope I get to share with you soon. Life may be hard, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it.